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Just Because You Said I Couldn't, I Will ! *back: Everything is possible... if you just BELIEVE!

This day wasn't much better than my ordinary day. I picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice... telling me that I can't do it... The list of reasons was so long I stopped listening after the third one... The solution was simple: if I am to surely fail, I just have to succeed. Haters gonna hate... And though there are no shortcuts, at least choose some good companions. Remember, steer clear of pessimists, they have a good problem for each solution... Don't waste your energy on convincing them that you're right. You just have to want it enough. He who makes no mistakes makes nothing. Do something... Listen to yourself... The only thing better than acting is a good excuse. That's the only thing they have left... My CONDOLENCES...

Finish: "shiny, shiny" – BLACK particles (star dust) shimmering in the light, sequins artistically sewn onto the wings, old metallic silver, iridescent chameleon in the middle, Etoile logo – metallic red, back: metallic gold

Decoration: digital print

Marking: woven tag on lace, laser-cut Star with the company's name engraved and our logo

Additionally: velour hanger with Etoile logo and a hangtag

Series: DeLux

Style: loose asymmetric

Instructions for washing and drying: Remember! HAND WASH, turn INSIDE OUT, preferably using liquid or powder laundry detergent FOR COLOURS because products for white clothes always contain bleach! Myself, I wash by hand in lukewarm water, but that's just me. If you want to, you can use a washing machine, but don't use a mechanical dryer and – no bleach.
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