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  • white
  • loose asymmetric t-shirt
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I'm 99% sure I'm a Disney princess

I remember when, in the primary school, maybe in the 4th grade, I had a Disney-themed birthday party. My dad painted my hair red with poster paints, my friend was dressed up as Flounder. And there I went: Ariel. hahaha We had a shark too, omg! ...
Maybe you want to say that not every girl is a princess?
You don't think about yourself this way? You don't think about yourself this way? I'm not saying you have to be Ariel... Maybe Pocahontas or Cinderella? You're not sure? You don't have to be... It's enough to have a feeling... a 99% feeling.

Finish: "shiny, shiny" – BLACK particles (star dust) shimmering in the light, metallic gold, Etoile logo – metallic red, stones on crown
Decoration: Digital print
Marking: woven tag on lace, laser-cut. Star with the company's name engraved and our logo plus velour hanger with Etoile logo
Series: DeLux
Style: loose asymmetric, loose style 

Composition: 100% cotton, g.s.m. 125 g/m² Made of high quality yarn Instructions for washing and drying: Remember! HAND WASH, turn INSIDE OUT, preferably using liquid or powder laundry detergent FOR COLOURS because products for white clothes always contain bleach! Myself, I wash by hand in lukewarm water, but that's just me. If you want to, you can use a washing machine, but don't use a mechanical dryer and – no bleach.

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