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Always remember, it's better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.

Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. That makes beauty - #DianeVonFurstenberg #dvf #makesbeauty 

...I've told you I'll be there in 5 minutes, so stop calling me every half an hour – the entire truth about us... Me and Monika are the perfect example. When we plan to go out somewhere, especially at night, we need some time to relax after the day, to prepare and feel good in our skin, to be pleased with how we look. For example, if someone rushes me, it's guaranteed I'll explode at some point and it'll result in... a bad result. ;) ☝️Gentlemen, remember to give her all the time

 she needs, because there's nothing better than arriving at your destination energised and smiling, rather than with your better half throwing a tantrum.  Trust me on this...  - Your NashtiAshti

Finish– "shiny shiny" – BLACK particles (star dust) shimmering in the light, "shiny, shiny" – PINK particles (star dust) shimmering in the light, with metallic filling BABY PINK, Etoile logo – metallic red,

Marking: woven tag on lace, laser-cut. Star with the company's name engraved and our logo
Additionally: velour hanger with Etoile logo
Style: classic, rolled up sleeves
Composition: 100% organic cotton, g.s.m. 150 g/m² Made of high quality yarn

ETOILE – TSHIRT – DELUX – Privee – LATE (édition privée: Monika Perzyna)

#goodvibes  #nashtiashti @nashtiashti #etoile #etoileholizm #etoilecollection #etoileshirt #etoileFashion #tshirt with #quote #quotesoftheday #quotesaboutLife #queenoffuckingeverything #carpediem #beingnormalisboring #beyourself #beyou #badgirls #lovemylife #loveyourself #beaboss #womenquotes  #trueStory  #wisewords #itsbettertoarrivelatethanugly #itsbettertoarrivelatethantoarriveugly  #beautyquotes etoile isn't only fashion, it's a lifestyle! ...pure, intense emotions! ! Positive Mind – Positive Vibes – Positive Life! I can't be hemmed in by rules. I go with my emotions. Peace✌️ Love❤️ Unity Respect☝️ & etoile  

Instructions for washing and drying: Remember! HAND WASH, turn INSIDE OUT, preferably using liquid or powder laundry detergent FOR COLOURS because products for white clothes always contain bleach! Myself, I wash by hand in lukewarm water, but that's just me. If you want to, you can use a washing machine, but don't use a mechanical dryer and – no bleach.
125.00 USD

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