The packages within Poland, shall be delivered via the courier firm "POCZTEX",  by Poczta Polska (approx. 1 – 2 working days). International packages shall be delivered via Poczta Polska as priority mail, and the time of delivery shall depend on the delivery area, which can be reviewed on the Poczta Polska webpage. Usually this time is from 3 days, up to a week. The goods shall be sent within 1 – 3 working days from the moment of order placement and payment receipt. In case of a PREORDER, the time of shipment shall be 7 – 14 working days.


The Store shall be obliged to issue a defect-free product. Should a defect be found, the Customer shall in particular have the right to submit a complaint within 2 years after the date of delivery, and 1 year from the date of observing the defect. On the terms set forth in the Civil Code, as well as relevant Acts, the Customer may request the goods to be repaired, exchanged with defect-free goods, price reduction, or may withdraw from the contract of sale. In such a case, the Customer should send the product back to the Store, address: Etoile Anastazja Jaworska, ul. Bobrowiecka 3A/28, 00-728 Warsaw. The product should be accompanied by the proof of purchase with a description of the complaint.

The Store shall immediately, however no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of delivery with the returned product, answer the complaint submitted, and shall inform the Customer about further proceedings.

According to the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights, the Customer being a Consumer, may withdraw by means of a written notice, from the contract, without specifying the reasons, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the delivery. The Customer should submit the notice of withdrawal from the contract, by sending it to the address of the Store: Etoile Anastazja Jaworska, ul. Bobrowiecka 3A/28, 00-728 Warszawa, and return the product to the Store.

The returned products have to be complete. The products should be returned in an unchanged condition, unless such change proved necessary within the boundaries of ordinary use i.e. the Consumer should handle the products, bearing in mind the need for their possible return in the future. The Consumer shall bear responsibility for the reduction of value of items, resulting from their use in a manner other than necessary for discerning the nature, features and functionality thereof.

The Store shall reimburse the Customer for the returned products within 14 days, to the bank account indicated by them in the statement of withdrawal from the contract. The Store shall not be responsible for non-reimbursement, or its delay, should it occur due to inaccurate personal data submitted by the Consumer (first and last name, address) or an incorrect account number.

The Consumer shall bear any and all direct costs of returning the product to the Store.